Malevil's menu



Beef sirloin carpaccio
With arugula, parmesan, pesto, and baguette.

Pork pate 
With duck lard, onion chutney, and bread.

Malevil's baked garlic
With herbs, olive oil, and baked baguette

Beef tartare (100g)
With fried bread


Beef broth
With giant liver dumpling

Soup of the day


Greek salad
With tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber, red onion, feta cheese, olives, and baked baguette. 

Caesar salad
With Roman salad, chicken breast, croutons, and bacon.


Fresh tagliatelle
With fresh basil, bacon, tomato, garlic, and parmesan.

Pasta e pesto
With garlic, chilli, parsley, and parmesan cheese.

Indian beans
With tomato, fresh onion, chili, and bread.

Cowboy beans
With bacon, tomato, oion, and bread.

Pork neck schnitzel (200g)
With light bavarian potato salad.

Grilled pork neck (250g)
With roasted peppers, garlic head, onions, tomatoes, and roasted potato with garlic dip.

Baked pork ribs (750g)
In spicy marinade with fresh horseradish, onion chutney, mustard, and bread.

Glazed pork sirloin (200g)
With wild mushrooms in creamy sauce with thyme demi-glace, potatoes au gratin, and parmesan.

Malevil's beef burger (175g)
With cheddar, onion chutney, tomato, mayonnaise, and French fries.

Beef sirloin steak (200g)
With creamy red and green pepper sauce, and American potatoes.

Beef sirloin steak (200g)
With fried egg, bacon, and roasted potato with garlic dip.

Duck leg confit (220g)
Baked in wild spice and honey, with red cabbage and Carlsbad dumplings.

Chicken breast supreme (220g)
With pumpkin puree and grilled vegetables.

BBQ chicken wings
With vegetable fries, garlic dip, and baguette.

Fillet salmon (200g)
With grilled vegetables, quinoa, and lime dip.

Mr. Merle's plate ( for two or more )
Plate with chicken and pork steaks, chicken wings, grilled pork neck, marinated ribs, cevabcici, grilled vegetables and baked potatoes

Roasted duck or goose (Please order one day in advance)
Served with bread, potato dumplings, red and whita cabbage


Chicken schnitzel (100g)
With mashed potatoes and pickle

Chicken steak (100g)
With fries

With tomato sauce and cheese

Sweet pastry dumplings
With warm vanilla sauce.



From 30.3. until 2.4. you can go for our Easter menu

We have some exciting news!

14.2.2018 we have the special price for the double room and you will fall in love with it

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