For company meetings and events, we offer you our menus, buffets up to  BBQ.
We will be happy to help you with entire catering to suit your wishes.

Prices are excluding VAT


 - Menu 250 CZK -



/Chicken broth with meat and noodles / Cabbage soup with sausage 


(150g) Beef goulash with bread dumplings
(150g) Roast sirloin in sour cream sauce with bread dumplings, cranberries, whipped cream, and lemon
(200g) Roasted chicken with (200g) potato purée, and pickles
Caesar salad with (120g) chicken, parmesan, and croutons


 Apple strudel with whipped cream / Schwarzwald cake 


- Menu 310 CZK -



 Beef broth with liver dumplings / Potato soup


(200g) Pork neck with mushroom sauce and (200g) roasted potatoes
(200g) Salmon steak with (200g) potato purée and lemon
(200g) Chicken schnitzel in cornflakes, (200g) potato salad and lemon
(150g) Filet Mignon with cream-pepper sauce and (200g) grenaille potatoes


Chocolate cake / Cheesecake



These buffets are an ideal choice for groups from 25 up to 80 people and we offer them in two price variants: 

Buffet 330 Kč 


Beef soup with meat and noodles
70 g Pork roast
90 g Chicken thighs on rosemary
50 g Stewed carrots
50 g Peas
100 g Boiled potatoes, 100 g Stewed rice

Apple strudel


Soft peas cream soup with croutons
70 g Meatballs in tomato sauce and pasta
50 g Fried pork neck steak
50 g Tomato salad with onion
50 g Cucumber salad
100 g Boiled potatoes with butter
100 g Stewed rice
Selection of seasonal fruit




These buffets are an ideal choice for groups of 30 and more people.


Malevil‘s buffet 450 CZK

Lusatian onion soup with smoked meat
Roasted pork knee on garlic
Roasted chicken thighs with bacon and onion
80 g of rosemary pork steak
80 g Marinated pork ribs in beer
80 g Baked trout with herbs and butter
30 g Roasted onion with rosemary
30 g Stewed carrot with butter
30g Bean pods with bacon
50g Roasted potatoes with garlic dip
30 g Malevil’s beans with onions, tomatoes, and chili
30 g Cabbage salad with horseradish
30 g Salad of fresh vegetables and feta
Selection of dark and light bread
Apple strudel
Selection of seasonal fruit


Grilled buffet 490 CZK

100 g Pork neck marinated with garlic
100 g Roasted chicken breast with rosemary
100 g  Beef sirloin with green pepper
100 g Homemade baked sausage
  30 g Vegetable salad with yogurt dressing
  30 g Mozzarella with tomatoes
  30 g Greek salad with Balkan cheese and olives
  50 g Olives, pickled onions, jalapeños, pickled vegetable, peppers stuffed with Balkan cheese
  30 g Mustard, horseradish, ketchup
    4 pcs Selection of light and dark pastry


Mr. Merle‘s plate 490 CZK 

For a smaller group up to 30 people we offer roasted meat, steaks, side meals, and vegetables, all served on a shared plate.

60 g Marinated chicken wings
50 g Grilled chicken breast
50 g Grilled pork neck
50 g Beef sirloin
50 g Kebabs
60 g Grilled vegetables
60 g Roasted potatoes



Bavarian buffet  490 CZK

0.15 l beef broth with fried liver dumplings
0.15 l pea soup with sausage
30 g liver pate with cranberries and almonds
50 g grilled Munich sausage with mustard and horseradish
100 g roasted pork knee
100 g marinated pork ribs
100 g variation of pork and chicken schnitzels  
50 g grilled trout fillet with herb butter
50 g speck dumplings, 50 g Bavarian potato salad
50 g red and white steamed cabbage, 30 g of cheese spätzle
50 g farmer’s potatoes with fried egg
50 g cabbage salad with horseradish
Fried Bavarian doughnuts with jam and whipped cream
Strudel with cottage cheese and fruit (according to season)




Italian buffet 590 CZK

0.15 l tomato soup with gnocchi
0.15 l minestrone
30 g bruschetta - different kinds - with ham, mushrooms, capers, olives ...
30 g of mozzarella with tomatoes and basil pesto
30g prosciutto with melon
50 g grilled sea bass with Mediterranean herbs
100 g mini pizza - different kinds
100 g pasta station - various kinds of pasta with fresh ingredients prepared right in front of you
80 g arugula salad with parmesan cheese, dried tomatoes, nuts, and honey dressing
80 g mixed salad with pecorino cheese
100 g boiled potatoes with parsley butter
pizza bread with herbal butter





  • Piglet, turkey or pork leg on the outdoor  grill  

Price per  1 Kg


395 CZK

average weight 

20-30 Kg 

Price per  1 Kg

Turkey 370 CZK

average weight 

10-18 Kg 

Price per  1 Kg

Pork leg 340 CZK

average weight 

8-15 Kg 

Vegetable salad, mozzarella with tomatoes
Mustard, horseradish, ketchup, olives, onions, peppers, pastries
The price is based on the current weight.



  • Welcome drink

Amount (l)

 Welcome Drink

Price excluding VAT 


glass of sect

33 CZK

0,1 >

Cinzano or Martini

50 CZK



67 CZK 


Port wine 

74 CZK 



54 CZK



50 CZK



62 CZK


Fernet Stock  

45 CZK

  • Small snacks
Amount (g) Small snacks Price excluding VAT


Plate with cheeses

100 CZK


Plate with hams and salami

100 CZK
50 + 50


Pork and chicken schnitzel with bread and pickle

90 CZK


Beef tartar with fried bread

174 CZK


White pudding with vinegar and onion

69 CZK



From 30.3. until 2.4. you can go for our Easter menu

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