Outdoor programs are focused on entertainment, and developing cooperation and communication within the team, working together on an adventurous or relaxed event.


An original team game with a detective story in the style of 'escape games'. It has a fixed structure of activities, a dynamic gradient, teams create their own logistics and use small tablets. The final denomination follows 15 questions in a fully moderated show. The complete conclusion explodes in a dynamic, rushing team relay that exudes the atmosphere.

  • outdoor/indoor
  • 3 hours
  • 5 - 200

Lusatian bunkers

Totally unique concept reviving the history of concrete bunkers. With the adventurous concept of teamwork you will enjoy a lot of fun, but you will also learn many not only historical attractions.

  • outdoor/indoor
  • 3,5 hours - all day
  • 100 - 300

Malevil's pentathlon

simple concept of a fun team competition. This game is for focuses on physical and sporting challenges.

  • 80% outdoor (preferred 100%)
  • 3 - 3,5 hours
  • 12 - 200

Jungle survival

Teambuilding concept with educational output. The theme is survival in the jungle, activities are mentally and physically very balanced.

  • 50% indoor 50% outdoor
  • 3 - 4 hours
  • 8 - 120


Premium adventure program with turbulent history, underground labyrinth and great challenges in the landscape of Bohemian Switzerland. The aim and motivation factor is to find out historical events in chronological succession as they really happened. In order to create a comprehensive picture of history, participants overcome challenging and non-standard physical and mental challenges. The uniqueness and historical value of the location always leaves the participants with a stunning impression.

  • outdoor
  • 4,5 - 5 hours
  • 8 - 80

Guinness World Records

Imaginative, unpretentious, and very entertaining team and individual tasks in the theme of Guinness Records in a very dynamic competition concept of the whole program

  • 80% outdoor (preference 100%)
  • 3,5 hours
  • 14 - 200

Team scrabble

Creative and very motivational team concept and competition with creating original phrases oriented to your corporate culture, values ​​or to support a new product or your marketing strategy

  • 50% outdoor - 50% indoor
  • 3 - 4 hours
  • 18 - 200


A very motivational team game and dynamic competition with a balance of physical activity and mental challenges. The adventurous concept of the game reflects the real events of 1846 in Alaska, complemented by the tip of the "Do you know?"

  • 80% outdoor (preference 100%)
  • 3 - 4 hours
  • 18 - 200

Malevil mission

A relaxed team program for entertainment and team spirit.

  • 100% outdoor
  • 1,5 - 2 hours
  • 10 - 300

Standalone Activities

Ferrata - Iron-covered climbing

A very adventurous activity that leaves behind strong experiences and positive emotions. The activity takes place a 10-minute drive away in a German rocky area near the village of Oybin. Transport to the place is not included, although it can be arranged upon request. All the equipment we use is certified with the highest quality available. Before the event, our accredited team will brief you together with a 'via ferrata' coach on the basic rules and activities. The time duration of the activity is about 4 hours, the maximum capacity of the participants is limited to 20 people for security reasons.

Rope Center

It has a completely unique shape of a huge 20m triangle with a set of horizontal climbing obstacles, a cable car and a jump in the swing. As the only operators in the Czech Republic, we use a three-point protection system that has one more protection than the standard rope center. Participants are confident with self-assurance. The center's capacity is 25 people per hour.


As part of our production we will prepare various types of target shooting. Most common disciplines:

  • archery
  • special "windbreaker" powered by 250 ATM compressed air - US Army rifle replica
  • powerful air sport pistol
  • gas drum revolver - replica Smith & Wesson
  • hand slings
  • blow arrows
  • throwing knives and starfish

Within 2 hours of request we can prepare for you a selected location including safety kevlar, targets, ammunition and professional service.

Event manager

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