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Amiran Kadeišvili
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Outdoor programs

Outdoor programs are focused on entertainment, closer understanding of the team, development of cooperation and communication, team building, adventure, and relaxation.

Místo činu
The original team game with a detective story in the "escape game" style. It has a fixed set of activities, a dynamic slope, teams make their own logistics and use small tablets. Final casting follows 15 questions in a fully moderated show. A complete conclusion explodes in a dynamic, exciting team relay that explodes the whole atmosphere.

outdoor - indoor can be configured

3 hours 

 5 - 200

Lužická opevnění

A completely unique concept rejuvenating the history of concrete bunkers. With an adventurous concept of teamwork, you enjoy a lot of fun, but you also learn many but not only historical attractions.

nature, mountains, forest, water, suitable for combination with indoor

3,5 hours -  whole day


Malevilský pětiboj
a simple concept of a fun team competition. The game is based on physical and sporting challenges

80% outdoor (preference 100%)

3 - 3,5 hours

12 - 200

Jungle survival
Teambuilding concept with an educational output. The theme is survival in the jungle, the activities are mentally and physically very balanced, the overall difficulty of the program is rather low, the emphasis is on communication processes and gaining new knowledge of survival.

50% indoor 50% outdoor 

3 - 4 hours

8 - 120

Premium adventure program with a turbulent history, underground labyrinth and great challenges in the landscape of Bohemian Switzerland. The aim and motivation factor is to find historical events in the chronological sequence as they really did. In the path to creating a comprehensive picture of history, participants overcome challenging and non-standard physical and mental challenges. The uniqueness and historical value of the site is always a stunning impression on the participants.

4,5 hours - 5 hours

8 - 80 

Guinness records
Imaginative, undemanding and very entertaining team and individual tasks on Guinness records in a very dynamic competitive concept of the whole program

80% outdoor (preference 100%)

3,5 hours

14 - 200

Team scrabble
Creative and highly motivational team concept accompanied by team competition with the creation of original phrases oriented to your corporate culture, values or to support a new product or your marketing strategy

50% outdoor - 50% indoor

3 - 4 hours

18 - 200

Zlatá horečka
Very motivational team play and dynamic competition with a balanced ratio of physical activities and mental challenges. The adventure concept of the game reflects the true 1846 events in Alaska, complemented by the "Do You Know That?" Tips. The teams fulfill individual challenges and challenges, collecting hundreds of gold bulls

80% outdoor (preference 100%)

3 - 4 hours

18 - 200

Malevilská mise
A cool teamwork program focused on entertainment and team spirit support.

outdoor in the area of Malevilu

1,5 - 2 hours

10 - 300

 Single activities

Ferrats - climbing on iron-secured paths
A very entertaining and adventurous activity that leaves strong experiences and positive emotions. The activity takes place in a 10-minute drive away in a German rock area near Oyibin. Visually, there is the area on the other side of the Hochwald Lusatian peak. The transport to the place is not included, we will arrange for you on request. All the equipment we use is attested in the highest quality level available. Before the event, our accredited team will show you a brief briefing and "ferrata" coaching with an explanation of basic rules and activities.
The duration of the activity is about 4 hours, and the maximum capacity for participants is limited to 20 people for safety reasons.
Multiple productions are possible for security and technical reasons only in multiple times.

Climbing Center
It has a unique shape of a huge 20m triangle with a set of horizontal climbing hurdles, a cable car and a swing to the swing. As the only operators in the Czech Republic, we use a three-point security system, which has one more protection than the standard rope center. Participants are confident with self-insurance. The capacity of the center is 25 persons/hour.

As part of our production, we will prepare different types of target shooting. Most frequent disciplines:

  • archery
  • a special "windbreaker" powered by 250 ATM compressed air - a replica of the US Army
  • powerful air sports pistol
  • gas drum revolver - Smith & Wesson replica
  • hand washing
  • blowing arrows
  • throwing knives and starfish

Within 2 hours of production, we will prepare a selected site including a Kevlar safety net, targets, ammunition and expert service.


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