We can offer a variety of accommodations; hotel rooms residing in the main complex of Malevil, wooden cabins on the edge of the forest, two guest houses 'Hrad' and 'Pražačka', as well as four fully equipped Lusatian chalets.


Accommodation options

It's up to you what you choose, each of these places has its own charm; In the hotel rooms you are right in the heart of the Malevil complex, our wooden cabins provide a cozy and more secluded stay for the adventurous, the independent guest houses 'Hrad' and 'Pražačka' are perfect for those planning to stay in a larger group, lastly our chalets are ideal for longer stays with family or a group of friends. Malevil is pet-friendly, we will welcome your pets with a comfortable dog bed and bowls for water and food. There are countless activities for kids, they can play on the children's playground or play area inside, swim in the pool, feed the animals in our zoo, jump on the trampolines, and much more! Feel free to walk around and discover Malevil!

Accommodation capacity

Type Units Number of guests
Hotel Malevil double room 20 60
Hotel Malevil double room deluxe        1 3
Hotel Malevil suite 2 8
Wooden cabin 4-beds 5 20
Guest house 'Pražačka' double room 5 10
Guest house 'Pražačka' suite 4 16
Chalets in Lusatian style 4 24
Total 41 141