Golf course

Welcome to the Royal Golf Club Malevil. Below we will try to get a little closer to the course of the Royal Golf Club Malevil. But it is best if you try it yourself ...

Rezervovat Tee Time

Hole 1

The first hole (par 4) has a fairway on both sides bounded by a car. A longer drive located in the middle of the fairway offers a seamless blow to the green.

Hole 2

Ferve second hole (par 5) is very wide for drive, after which it is possible to attack the second shot near the green. It belongs to the extended wells family in 2006.

Hole 3

For drive on the third hole (par 4) there is a huge space. The slightly rising fairway is not an obstacle. Green at the forest is accessible for the second shot.

Hole 4

The long fourth hole (par 4) is lined with forest on the right, making it a dreaded track. It is a newly extended hole in 2006.

Hole 5

From the tee of the fifth hole (par 3) under the forest, the fairway, lined with a right water barrier in the forest, slopes to a sufficiently large green. This is a hole with a magical view.

Hole 6

The exact drive from the tee of the sixth hole (par 5) must be placed in a narrow view of the fairway. The next game is still not easy, you need to hit the narrow entrance to the green, which is lined with trees.

Hole 7

The seventh hole (par 4) makes the smart game stand out. Narrow fairway uphill requires a precise drive and the second shot should no longer pose a problem to the open green.

Hole 8

Drive on the eighth hole (par 4) down the hill, just play medium-length iron to the right of the fairway where the green is easier to access. The second shot over the pond should be around 100 meters.

Hole 9

Ninth, short but technical hole (par 4). The first shot in the narrow forest should be properly directed to the left side of the fairway and counted for a slight bounce to the right. The second shot should be around 120 meters around two ponds.

Hole 10

The tenth hole (par 3) forces the player to play directly on the green, because the tee and green separate the smaller pond.

Hole 11

The eleventh hole (par 5) is more demanding both in length and pitch of the fairway towards the big green below the forest.

Hole 12

The twelfth hole (par 4) stands out for its challenging terrain, making it necessary to play a longer first shot on a sloping fairway and a second shot against a hill to attack a large green lined with forest.

Hole 13

The beautiful 13th hole (par 3) offers a chance to go straight to the green, lying down in a valley surrounded by wooded slopes. This hole is one of the nicest holes in the country.

Hole 14

Drive on the fourteenth hole (par 4) must hit the terrain horizon where the fairway slopes down to the stream above which the green is.

Hole 15

The fifteenth hole (par 5) with the fairway from the slope can be used for a long shot through the stream's notch. Then the green can be attacked by the second blow, behind the forest.

Hole 16

On the sixteenth hole (par 4), the game returns along the sixteenth track back up the slope, but enough space around the wide fairway offers no danger.

Hole 17

The seventeenth hole (par 4) goes upside down again, down the slope, the second shot requires precision because the green is enclosed by mature trees.

Hole 18

From the tee of the eighteenth hole (par 3), you have to cross a high stream with a high back-slope, on the top edge of which is a green.